As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, We’ve decided to take action to support the health and safety of people around the world. Not everyone is in the risk group but we should start helping each other no matter what. This web application has been created for Volunteers, Caregivers and people who need help, allowing everyone to find somebodywho will give a hand and make someone’s life easier.

“we’re launching Any Help Needed App allowing people
to list their services or request a help.”

This is BETA of the app which is still under development. I hope you will understand that some features can still not work properly. I’m working on this app together with just one another person in the non commercial way in my free time and we can’t handle all requests as soon as possible. We are just trying to do the best of making our idea of providing tool which will help other people happen. Thank you for your understanding.

Please remember to contact directly user/person and verify that they keen to really help you. Never send any money or private/personal information to unknown people. Any Help Needed is not taking any responsibility for user/people actions.